Ned & Hope Glynn blend their love for horses, talent for riding, and gift of teaching, to create the ideal place for horse and rider. They teach all levels of riders from the walk trot ring to the grand prix ring. Their focus is preparing horse and rider for the show circuit while emphasizing sportsmanship and horsemanship. "We love what we do and that is why we put so much time into our business." says Ned. "Working with horses and teaching both kids and adults to achieve their goals is very rewarding to me." emphasizes Hope. They attend approximately 20 shows a year. The majority of them in Northern California with around five Southern California shows mixed throughout the year. With the help of Assistant Trainer Tracy Mirabelli, Assistant Trainer Heather Roades, and grand prix rider Amanda Flint, there are always people working with you and your horses at home if you can't be at the shows.

Training at SVS is customized to each horse and rider. A usual week includes 3 lessons. Lessons are either small groups (4 or less) semi-private, and/or private. You are only paired with riders of your similar ability. Lessons are scheduled weekly on Monday to ensure that all lessons are small and that the horses are worked appropriately to match your lesson schedule. Hope, Ned, Heather, Amanda, Kylee, and Tracy are full-time riders at SVS. If ever you are out of town or unable to make a lesson we make sure that your horse is still on the same work program.

We have a Eurocizer, Horse Gym Treadmill, and a walking trail on the property. Our Eurocizer allows us to supplement out training program with extra work when needed. For example, young horses often benefit from an extra 30 mins of walking before or after their training ride. Older horses may need time to stretch in the morning before an afternoon lesson. We also use our eurocizer in the winter with fresh horses. They can eurocize before your lesson to get energy out with out worry of injury from running in a paddock or on a longe line. Horses are always free in the eurocizer and supervised. They are never tied in, nor are they put in with tack on.

We work with an excellent staff of other professionals to supplement our program.

Circle Oak Equine
Dr. Jack Snyder - UC Davis
Hayden Upton - Chiropractor
Purina - Equine Nutritionist
Joel Sheiman - Farrier

We schedule all your appointments for you and you have access to a detailed file on your horse at all times. We keep detailed records of your horse's training program as well as their health profile. We also do all of your horse show entries for you.