"We love working with Hope and Ned Glynn of Sonoma Valley Stables. Their professionalism is not only reflected in the ribbons that their clients win at shows, but in the way that they care for their horses. Keeping equine competitors fit and injury free during a grueling show schedule is a job in itself, and Hope and Ned’s attention to the health and fitness of the horses in their care is superb. They start with first class competitors and they know that a fit horse is less likely to injure itself and be able to withstand the pressures of competition. They deal with injuries immediately and bring their horses back to work with the appropriate rehab, which lessens the chance of a recurrence. It’s no surprise to us that their clients consistently do well in competition, and more importantly, so often have smiles on their faces!"

Ron & Sara Malone
Circle Oak Equine

During the summer of 2001 I met Hope & Ned Glynn at a horse show in Pebble Beach. Carolyn Day of Sonoma Saddle Shop had been trying to hook me up with them for months. She told me that she had never heard one negative word about this young couple, and that the kids in their program just loved being a part of their SVS family. I followed these two trainers from ring to ring at that Pebble Beach show. I saw happy kids and happy parents. I saw two trainers who believed in the power of positive reinforcement, and their calm and measured course instructions and critiques seemed to elicit the very best out of their riders. In the course of that entire weekend, there was not one raised voice or angry stare. And, their rider’s results spoke volumes about their program. I noticed that at virtually every level of training, their riders were usually near, or at the top of their class results.

My daughter blossomed as a hunter and equitation rider under Hope & Ned’s tutelage, and in her four years with SVS, the life lessons she learned were even more valuable than her equestrian training. You will not find better life role models for your kids than Hope and Ned. After three or four lessons with Hope, my wife was overwhelmed with emotion trying to explain how positive she felt about her new training experience. For the past eleven years, Joani’s best day of the week is always her SVS lesson day.

It would take far too many pages for me to adequately convey how grateful my entire family is for the many years we have been lucky enough to be a part of the SVS family. Simply put, Hope & Ned Glynn, and their entire barn training and administration staff, have set a standard for excellence in their domain that all other barns in Northern California should try and emulate.

Doug Griffith

Happy, content and unbelievably well cared for horses would sum up how I view Hope and Ned Glynn's Sonoma Valley Stables. I have been shoeing for SVS for the last 12 + years and I have been happy to be a part of a constant evolution of riding skill, horse care and teaching finesse. It is not often that the focus of a training operation centers around the well being of the equine and this is what Hope and Ned have made their priority. It is amazing to watch the transformation of horses in their care. Often a nervous insecure horse evolves into a relaxed confident athlete, developing his or her skills to the best of their potential. It is inspiring and has made working at SVS the most pleasurable part of my 35 years of shoeing jumping horses.

Joel Sheiman

Dear Ned and Hope,
I would really like to thank you for helping me find Cody as well as finding him an amazing home. Cody has been one of the best things to be apart of my life and you both are to thank for helping me find him. Riding Cody during lessons and competitions has made a huge impact on who I am as a woman. He has taught me how to learn from my mistakes, how to be self motivated, how to be confident in my decisions and how to be adaptable. I would not have gained these qualities without both of you as well. Thank you for pushing me in lessons with him, for realizing my potential in rounds, and for supporting me in all of my decisions I have made riding. I am so grateful to have had Cody and I am very excited to see how he will impact Katie's life next. These past 2 years have definitely been challenging but have only helped me grow even more. I wouldn't have asked for it another way. Selling Cody is the hardest decisions I have had to face so far but I am so glad he is with the Lee Family and am so grateful he is still apart of SVS! Again thank you so much for absolutely everything you both have done in my riding career so far, you both have made a huge impact in my life and as who I am today. I'm not saying goodbye to riding whatsoever, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity with Cody.
Jordan Matteri